No Pain, No Gain...that's just Crazy!!!

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Have you ever started a fitness routine out of obligation feeling like you had to do P90x or Crossfit?  

Have you been told that movement MUST result in weight loss or losing inches?  Hell, if you aren’t seeing physical results then you must not be reaping any benefits. Right??? WRONG!!!

At Bombshell, we want to SMASH those myths and encourage you to explore movement just to find the JOY in moving your body.  


Why?  Because we know that women will sustain active lifestyles when they actually find a program they ENJOY!  

Our classes are filled with sexy, slow movement that will challenge you, teach you more about yourself, improve your mental health and above all you will leave class smiling and feeling sexier than ever.

On April 1st, we are starting our next round of THICK.  This is our pole program designed for curvy bombshells sizes 14+.  If you’ve been thinking you’re too big to pole come and PROVE yourself wrong.

If you’re not plus-size or Sundays don’t work for you, that’s cool too!  We offer 4-week progressive series Sun-Thursdays with the next round of classes starting 4/8.

Come play with us!  You will be happy you did.  ;) Sign up here

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Leslie Lyons