Have you forgotten how important "play" is?


Awwww the feeling of just running in the background with no destination in sight…

No obligations….

No bills….

No worries….

Just the joy of playing and enjoying the moment.

When did women stop feeling it was okay to “play”?

I see this all the time in the eyes of women I know: friends, clients, people who write me on the Internet.

Hard merits reward, while joy brings guilt.

Just like we cannot be grateful and hungry, we are also not allowed to be lighthearted and dedicated.

Any deviation from our primary roles as woman, mother, wife, professional beg the question: is she really committed? Is she doing what’s best for her kids? Is she losing her mind?

If you're a woman, then having fun must mean you are taking away from your future.

If you’re a mom, then nourishing yourself first must mean you are taking away from your child.

If you're a wife, then taking some “you time” must mean you are taking away from your marriage.

And the list goes on. Our roles demand that we embody them, and only them, and if we dare color outside those lines, then we’re viewed as being unfaithful to those roles—and maybe even ourselves.

But at Bombshell, we know that happy women are women who embrace the joy that play brings.

You see our studio is not the TRADITIONAL pole studio. We aren’t training women who want to compete in pole competitions, we’re not training women who are looking for a killer workout, instead we’ve created a safe and sexy space for women who are looking to let their hair down and just freakin’ play!!!

If that’s you we have a pole with your name on it…….

Come play with us!

Leslie Lyons