I Don't Wanna Be Pretty Anymore....

There was a time in my life that all that matter to me was that people thought I was pretty.  I know that seems pretty shallow but it was true.

I wouldn't go outside without makeup even it was just to take out the trash...

I wouldn't let folks take pictures of me if I didn't feel they caught the right "angle"...

I was living a perfectly "curated" life but then life got messy!  I started to ask different questions:

Why am I so focused on external and not nearly concerned enough about my spiritual development.

Why do I care so much about what people think?

Why am I pretending that my life is PERFECT and it's far from it?

I wasn't fooling anybody but I was truly deceiving myself.

A curated life is a dull life....

A life where everything must appear perfect is EXHAUSTING...

A pretty life is a self-imposed prison where you no longer FEEL!

So when I was hesitant about posting this video because my pink panties peeked from under my shorts and my lines weren't perfect, I reminded myself to say F*CK pretty!  This song made you feel something and that's what matters.

If you wanna find you way back to "feeling alive", we're waiting to dance with you.  We're building a space for women just like you...it's time for your inner Bombshell to ARISE!

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Leslie Lyons