As busy women, we can often find ourselves operating on FREAKING autopilot.

I call it the female version of the "Walking Dead" minus that hot character "Rick".

Think about the things we do on autopilot...

We order the second glass of wine.

Stay at a social gathering just to be polite

Volunteer to help a friend when you know that you really don't have the time

Eat what everybody else is having because you don't want to make a fuss. 

Listen to that person talk and talk even when you know they're lying.  LOL!

Give up your evenings to things you don't freakin' care about.. 

Stick it out. Persevere. Persist. Even when it's not in your best interest, anymore, because not giving up is just what you do.

Shrink like a violet,  instead of saying THE VERY HARD THING. 

Smile and nod your life away. 

It's easy to live your life out of habit. But living life that way will have you wake up one day saying where did all the time go?  What do I have to show for it? And why do I suddenly look like a middle-aged biker? (The hardness of life shows up on your face, indeed.)

It's ok to be selectively selfish, sometimes, that is the most important work any of us will do. I KNOW THAT IT SOUNDS SO WRONG, because contributing is also some of the most important work for us to do. But there's a time and place for everything—and your time might be today. 

Sis, Ask yourself what does it mean to take care of myself right now?  Right this moment....

The answer may surprise you. Oftentimes,  it's the exact opposite of what you've been doing all along.  

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Leslie Lyons