Self-love teaches us to come back to a place where you honor your body and learn to listen!

Our body is our home.  It is the only "home" that you will ever get in this life.  It is where every experience is noticed, observed and felt.   It is where we hold our joy, memories, and it is where we feel and house our emotions.

While we understand this on an intellectual level, there is a piece that we often miss and it is that while daily we function mostly in our brains: thinking, working, problem-solving, dreaming, wishing, planning, our brains are one part of an entire network that is our body.

Deeply listening to our body takes us out of our brains and allows us to notice the physical and the emotional cues of how we understand and interact with our world. By deeply listening to our body, we give ourselves information on needs for safety, community, solitude, connection.  

All of our progressive pole class warm-ups start with what we call a "moving meditation".   The primary goal is to give you an opportunity to clear your mind and more importantly tune in to what your body is telling you at that moment.  

Taking that 15-20 minutes to feel alive in your body.....

Taking the time to appreciate your body without judgment...

You deserve LOVE and that starts with you loving you!

Come dance with us:



Leslie Lyons