Why Confident Women Get What They Want!

Confidence can mean different things to different women.  Some feel more confident when they are wearing their favorite lacy bra.  For others it may be putting on their favorite sassy red lipstick.

But can you say that you feel truly confident when you're in yoga pants covered in cat fur? How about when your hair is a mess and you're just lounging in sweats?  Can you say unashamedly "I know I'm hot, no matter what I'm wearing"? 

Women with that type of confidence get what they want in life.  Whether it be a new job or a new man. LOL!

That's the type of confidence that we help women build at Bombshell!

How do we do it?

Well it's a mix of sexy magic and confidence building routines!  You will have come take a peek behind our pink walls to see. ;)

We're down to our final spots in our upcoming sessions, come and find a sexy sisterhood of women just like you are gaining UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE!

Sundays THICK: Plus Size Pole starting 3/4 w/Sydney at 3:15pm- Only 3 spots left!

Sundays starting 3/11 w/Sydney & Shannon @ 11:30am- CLASS IS FULL!

Mondays starting 3/12 w/Joy @ 6:15pm-Only 2 spots left

Tuesdays starting 3/13 w/Rica @ 6:15pm- CLASS IS FULL!

Wednesdays starting 3/14 w/Simone @ 7:15pm- Only 5 spots left

Thursdays starting 3/15 w/Kelly @ 7:15pm-Only 1 spot left

Clck here to grab your spot!


Leslie Lyons