What's Scarier that Halloween? My story...

Are you harboring pain in your body?

Do you notice how that pain shows up in life?

Do you stop when you feel it, and express it, in the moment?
Or do you do what so many women have been taught to do in the past which is to “put on your big girl panties” or “suck it up and move on”?

Or maybe you are more like me, and you do not even notice when you are in pain.
Until you find yourself numb all over and can’t feel a fu*kin thing…

Being that this is domestic violence awareness month, I always feel compelled to share my story.   As many women see me today as a woman filled with confidence, just a short 27 years ago I was far from that….

Like many women, my experience of abuse happened early in my life, when I was a 19 and continued for 2 years.  Why didn’t I leave?  Why didn’t I tell? 

There were a vicissitude of reasons: Embarrassment, Fear, Prayer, Hope, Denial and the list goes on.


The biggest thing I learned coming out of that situation and healing from the pain of that relationship was how important it is to feel and acknowledge pain.  Also, how important it is to have community to help you heal. 


When we started Bombshell almost 12 years ago, our goal was to build a safe place where women who had their inner light snuffed out by the cares of the world could find their fire again…

Women who were living “Zombie” lives…just going through the motions of being a woman but with no heart, no soul and no real passion.  Our dream was that a woman would fine safety in our studio and would connect to her pleasure, her body and her soul in a way that authentic, deep and enriching.

I’m sharing my story in the hopes that it will encourage other women to share their story.  That these stories will be provide encouragement and hope for other women who may not be feeling like they can share theirs.

Women we were built to overcome but we must do this TOGETHER. 

Trust me, there is so much in you that wants to be unleashed…

Your body has a unique story to tell…

And the WORLD needs to hear it.

Be Encouraged!

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Leslie Lyons